Dec 23

Independent agent vs going direct…

Independent agent vs going direct… Here are some of the reasons having an agent is far better;TrustedChoice_logo

If going direct to the carrier typically they can only offer one product at one price. The only way to decrease that price is to decrease coverage. That’s not much choice in product or price if you ask me.

Independent Insurance Agents carry several insurance companies offering several different types of products all providing a different level of protection and coverage’s. Whats more, each product offers a selection of discounts and credits. Take us for example. We offer a choice of more than 12 different quality car insurance companies and 10 home insurance companies; all offering a variety of credits and discounts like AAA group, association credits, education and good driver discounts, etc.

I had a particular case once where a client had an at fault accident added to their record. After reviewing the police report and multiple testimonials from the involved parties I was able to negotiate with the carrier and change the at fault to a not at fault. This saved our client 1400 dollars per year. This is just an example of the service and resource we provide our clients every day as a full service Independent Insurance Agency.

A local insurance agent is one phone call away instead of going through a horrible phone switch, ie push 1 for claims, 2 for glass claims, 3 for homeowners claims, 0 if you want us to hang up on you, etc etc. With an Independent Insurance Agency you’ll almost always work with the same person each time you call and you’ll save time getting connected to a live person right away. Even better, with each conversation your agent will learn more about you; building a relationship that allows your agent to better understand you and your specific situation.

Carriers that agents represent tend to offer multi-line policies and we can even offer these discounts with a mix of auto with one carrier and homeowners with another. If your agent is independent and not exclusive to a carrier, he or she has access to policies from multiple carriers, which can make it easier for them to offer you a competitive rate. With an independent agency we can switch carriers for our clients if need be. This is very convenient and saves a lot of time and frustration for our clients.

Myth::: Since direct carriers do not pay an agent commissions, the savings is passed on to the customer. I prove this myth wrong every time I quote. Typically I can quote the same carrier a new client may have and I beat their rate every time.

The benefit of using an independent agency or broker is that they can do your shopping for you and find you the best insurance that meets your needs. Give us a call or email, let us prove all of this to you.


James Howell

Senior Insurance Consultant

Oct 05


We are pleased to welcome Betty Rogers to Rocky Mountain West!  Her years of experience are a great addition to the team!

Jul 04

Happy Independence Day!

We just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day! Hope everyone had a chance to get those ribs, wings, and brats going on the grill and sit back to enjoy another great day in the life. Take plenty of pictures, take your shoes off and relax on the beach or run through some fresh cut grass… and then later to soak in the light created from fireworks (well except for here in Colorado). In short, go have fun and celebrate life and independence! Take a moment and remember the hundreds of families that lost their homes to the recent wildfires, and appreciate how great it is to be an American, and even more, to appreciate your blessings in the light of such devastation for some.

Apr 20


What does it take in your state to be legal?  Here is a list of the required auto liability limits by state.  At Rocky Mountain West Insurance we recommend that you carry limits of 100/300/100 or 300CSL.   If your curious what these limits are, how they work, or what it would cost you to increase your limits please give us a call!

  • Alaska 50/100/25
  • Alabama 25/50/25
  • Arkansas 25/50/25
  • Arizona 15/30/10
  • California 15/30/5
  • Colorado 25/50/15
  • Connecticut 20/40/10
  • Delaware 15/30/10
  • Florida 10/20/10
  • Georgia 25/50/25
  • Hawaii 20/40/10
  • Idaho 20/50/15
  • Illinois 20/40/15
  • Indiana 25/50/10
  • Iowa 20/40/15
  • Kansas 25/50/10
  • Kentucky 25/50/10
  • Louisiana 15/30/25
  • Maine 50/100/25
  • Maryland 30/60/15
  • Massachusetts 20/40/5
  • Michigan 20/40/10
  • Minnesota 30/60/10
  • Mississippi 25/50/25
  • Missouri 25/50/10
  • Montana 25/50/10
  • Nebraska 25/50/25
  • New Hampshire 25/50/25
  • New Jersey 15/30/5
  • New Mexico 25/50/10
  • Nevada 15/30/10
  • New York 25/50/10
  • North Carolina 30/60/25
  • North Dakota 25/50/25
  • Ohio 12.5/25/7.5
  • Oklahoma 25/50/25
  • Oregon 25/50/20
  • Pennsylvania 15/30/5
  • Rhode Island 25/50/25
  • South Carolina 25/50/25
  • South Dakota 25/50/25
  • Tennessee 25/50/15
  • Texas 30/60/25
  • Utah 25/65/15
  • Virginia 25/50/20
  • Vermont 25/50/10
  • Washington 25/50/10
  • Wisconsin 50/100/55
  • West Virginia 20/40/10
  • Wyoming 25/100/15

Feb 13

Will your agent adapt to your needs?

At Rocky Mountain West Insurance we have made YOU our number one priority.  Whenever possible we will adapt to your changing situation.  In exchange for your loyalty, Our pledge will be to expand our offerings, and our territory to make sure your covered no matter where you are.

Clients that have moved away or requested policies have resulted in our being fully capable and licensed in California, Washington, Michigan, Georgia, Virginia, Texas, Missouri, and of course Colorado!  Coming this year we will expand into Illinois.

Though it can be a long, tedious, and sometimes expensive process, and we cant always guarantee every state, every time, we will give any requests careful consideration, just for you, because no matter how small your policy is, its important to us!

Can YOUR agent say that?

Feb 13

Do You Need Renter’s Insurance?

Do You Need Renter’s Insurance?
Renter’s insurance assures you that you’re protected against the damage or loss of personal property
when you rent an apartment or house. Your landlord may have insurance that protects the physical
building in which you reside, but this insurance will not cover your personal property. In fact, it’s not at all
uncommon for landlords to require the purchase of renters insurance prior to renting or leasing. This is
prudent for both the renter and the landlord, protecting both from the possibility of lawsuit by alleviating
each other’s respective liability.

In determining whether or not you need renters insurance, the questions you need to ask yourself are:
How much would it cost to replace my belongings if they were damaged or stolen? And can I afford to
replace them? Depending on your answer, renters insurance may be an easy choice, providing you with
the protection you need. Either way, it’s reassuring to have the peace of mind that comes from being

Things to consider before purchasing rental insurance:

How Much Coverage? – The amount of renters insurance you choose will have the biggest impact
on price of coverage. It is important to insure against all of your property. Remember, you’re not just
insuring against theft. In the case of a fire, for example, you could lose everything.

Deductible – The amount of the deductible premium that you’re willing to pay will have a major
impact on the premium costs. The higher the deductible, the lower the cost of home renters

Actual Cash Value (ACV) – Type of coverage that will pay for what the item was actually worth at
the time of loss.  This basic coverage payout is determined by the cost to replace, minus

Replacement Cost – Type of coverage that will provide for the actual
replacement value of the item with no deduction for depreciation. Although
replacement cost coverage comes at an additional premium, it’s usually
worth the relatively small increase in cost.

Here are a few ways to save on renters insurance. Many insurers will offer
discounts, if you have some of the following:

Monitored fire or burglar alarms
Fire extinguishers
Sprinkler systems
Dead bolts on all exterior doors
Auto insurance with that provider

If you own a dog, however, it may add to your premium. Due to liability issues,
some insurers won’t even offer insurance if certain dog breeds are owned. This
discrimination is exclusive to certain larger working dog breeds. It’s unfortunate
because many of these breeds are good-natured and provide a great deterrent
to theft. Yet, in the eye of the insurer, they’re a risk. The insurance companies
that do offer coverage for these breeds, will often do so at a premium.

Flood and Earthquake protection is not commonly included on rental insurance
policies. If you live in an area where these natural disasters are more common,
you may want to purchase an additional rider.

Liability coverage is most often a standard feature with renters insurance. This
can prove invaluable in case of an accident, such as a slip or fall by a guest. It
provides protection against legal claims that you may be obligated to pay, such
as injury, sickness and death. It is, however, limited to the amount of liability
coverage provided by your policy.

In order to avoid any disputes with your insurance company, it’s recommended that you take an inventory
of your personal items before purchasing rental insurance. This can be done by video taping or
photographing each room of your house. It is important to keep all receipts for any major purchases, as
well. The above should be kept offsite, in a fireproof safe or safety deposit box.

Fortunately, renters insurance is relatively inexpensive. If you’re looking for cheap renters insurance, it is
not uncommon to see policies with premiums that are less than $20 a month. And, thanks to Rocky Mountain West Insurance, you can get a competitive renters insurance quote with ease.

Feb 13

Wedding Insurance


Wedding insurance can be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Before there is a need for homeowners, auto, or life insurance, there is often a wedding. And now, you can protect your customers event with the Wedding Protector Plan® from Travelers. This can be your early entree to a lifelong customer relationship.

Consider the opportunity…

In their new lives ahead, bridal couples will spend $19.6 billion on insurance
1.6 million brides will purchase or change insurance policies
80 percent of brides will discuss merging auto insurance policies with their fiancés prior to or during their engagements
Source..Condé Nast Brides Media – American Wedding Study, 2006


Underwritten by Travelers, the Wedding Protector Plan® is special event insurance coverage, which provides several different types of coverage and coverage enhancements for your special day, your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. View all of the wedding insurance coverage options available.

Feb 12

Auto Insurance Tips – Sealing the Deal on Affordable Car Insurance

Auto Insurance Tips – Sealing the Deal on Affordable Car Insurance

By Krista M. Farmer

Okay. I admit it. I’ll stand in line for the latest Harry Potter book. You can probably convince me that I “need” the latest Dior volumizing mascara and yes, I have eaten turtle cheesecake for supper before. I have several guilty pleasures. Buying auto insurance is not one of them, but it’s a necessity. Read on to learn why, in addition to being a legal stipulation, auto insurance is important to you and your assets.

First things first – While penalties vary state to state, you can guarantee that driving without coverage will take some clank out of your bank. Uninsured drivers can face a myriad of punishments for merely being stopped and not being able to prove coverage. This fact alone should be enough to convince you to start researching reasonable insurance coverages for your vehicle.

Not persuasive enough? Consider your possible liability in the event of an accident…

Your vehicle collides with Mrs. Baker’s vehicle. Mrs. Baker is a fourth grade teacher at the local elementary school and is now facing $80,000 in medical bills, $65,000 in lost wages and is requesting $200,000 for pain and suffering. That’s a $345,000 claim that, unless you have adequate coverage for, you will be pulling out of your pocket. Certainly in this case, as the too familiar adage wisely states, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So, you know you need auto insurance. While it’s not sinfully delicious or nearly as enjoyable as turtle cheesecake, lack of adequate coverage will definitely leave you with a bellyache in the event of an automobile accident. It is possible to find insurance you can afford.

Remember! Your car insurance rate is based on your insurance risk assessment. If an insurance company determines you are a high-risk driver, your monthly cost will be higher than that of the average driver. You CAN remedy this! Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to reduce your auto insurance risk which, in turn, could lessen your auto insurance cost…

1) Purchase home/renter’s insurance from the same carrier as your auto insurance. Some insurance companies offer multi-policy discounts.

2) Always obey traffic laws, specifically the speed limit. Insurance companies take note of your driving record. More speeding tickets = higher risk driver = increased auto insurance cost.

3) Study hard. Insurance companies often reward students with good grades with a student discount.

4) Purchase a vehicle that receives notability for low damage and increased passenger safety.

5) When given the option, purchase additional safety features for your vehicle. (Air bags, antilock brakes, etc.)

6) Take a driver safety course. A defensive driving class could possibly reduce your insurance rate. If not, it would at least make you more aware of the importance of being a defensive driver.